The Decline and Fall of Air Arcadia

This is my first novel. It takes place in a parallel universe where the country north of the Great Lakes is known as Arcadia. The main character is the airline herself. She views the other characters in the story as her people.

The novel is available in Apple iBooks and on and as a paperback or epub.



 To connect the vastness of Arcadia an airline was brought forth by the government and her name was also Arcadia.

She loved her father, Arcadia's first Minister of Movement. Through her youth and young adulthood she struggled to live up to her father's vision and to his example of service to country.

After his death her ambition and her desire for independence led her to participate as an equal in the modern world of business. In this she was assisted by many fine men and women who devoted their careers to her cause.

Most of these were ordinary people doing their best work for Arcadia and loving her as they loved their families. But there were a few who made their mark. They left their imprint on Arcadia and changed her course.

One day in Arcadia's prime it came about that Miles, who had her best interests at heart but who also had a strong sense of his own destiny, singlehandedly wrote a script that played on Arcadia's stage for a decade before it devolved into a war with the Ministry of Movement. Unaffected by the war, management were taken unawares when it led to a strike.

The strike ended the war but was instrumental in promoting two people before their time: Enrico to Captain and Boy Wonder to CEO.

Each rose to the challenges before him.

Enrico had to fight fiercely to win and hold his captaincy. Boy Wonder was tested almost immediately by a takeover bid and prevailed with Snake's help. However, Snake tempted him and Boy made a Faustian bargain with Arcadia's soul which led to merger and eventually to bankruptcy.

In the end, all were diminished. Enrico wound up on permanent sick leave. Boy Wonder traded youthful promise for a guaranteed retirement offshore. Arcadia, in her dotage, feels she is the only coherent voice in the asylum.



April, 2014: The seventh draft is almost finished. A while back I decided to self-publish, so I had to learn book design, among other things. That has been a challenging adventure, adding a couple of years to the process of turning a draft into something you can hold in your hands. I still think the end is in sight. I'll keep you posted.

July, 2014: The seventh draft is done. It is as good and as error-free as it's going to get this time around. The Adobe InDesign file has been turned into a publishable .pdf file. The InDesign file has been modified so it can be exported to an .epub file. The epub is being tested in iBook and as a .mobi file in Kindle. The ISBN numbers have been obtained for three versions: hardback, paperback, and epub. These will be printed and distributed by Ingram Spark, and sold on Amazon and (for the iBook version), on Apple.

August 20, 2014: Today I held the paperback in my hands for the first time. It is available on and This week I am struggling with the eBook version, cleaning up the styles so the .epub will be acceptable to the distributor.

November 12, 2014: Finally! The epub was accepted by the distributor. It is now available on and as a paperback or epub, and as an iBook at Apple.

A sigh of relief. I am still learning a lot. Perhaps the next book won't take so much time.